Architectural Briefs

Single Family Remodel

The large modern intervention looked to create a visually connected first floor and support group gatherings. The new high ceilings in the living room further connected the heart of the home to the upstairs rooms; it also gave the entry and living room a spacious and grand open atrium feel. The result was an "Open Plan" Design & Open Vertical or "Section" Design

Located in Suburban NJ


The was goal to develop a highly efficient space for fast casual restaurant. The project embodied a balance of effective prep and storage space with...

Located in Suburban NJ

Single Family Addition

Keeping with the local beach feel and existing building style seen on lower right side, we expanded the home with a new garage and living spaces including a new master suite

Located in Beach Suburban NJ

Single Family Home

With a large family and a love for the water this house maximizes the the rear section for indoor outdoor activities all year while embodying a a fairly classical and function front. The home also maximized the function of the structure and zoning with indoor/outdoor community spaces on the top level where people can enjoy stunning views.

Located on a Suburban Lagoon in NJ

Net Zero Single Family Home

This house embraces traditional Chinese framing systems and screens and utilizes modern technology to create a net zero home. No off-site energy needed! The design of the home has high ceilings for quality ventilation and spatial feel while the solar panels are optimized; angled and facing south.

The form is organized around a center courtyard with a 'C' shaped plan. We then further emphasized the connection to the outdoors with one leg of the structure being a large deck. The deck not only serves a space for large shaded gatherings but is used to work on farm tasks in a shaded environment.

Located in Suburban China

High Rise Residences

(Mixed Use with Restaurant)

Located in Urban NJ

High Rise Apartments

(Mixed Use with Retail)

Located in Urban NJ

Single Family Remodel

This home was remodeled to support a growing and aging family. The open plan design allows for regular large gathering with the complete ability to live on the first floor. It has an added master bed and bath combo an a large new kitchen, island and a new level floor throughout.'

Located in Suburban NJ

Travel Plaza

The project embody and inside out concept taking a traditional NJ travel plaza and placing the interiors on display. The glass facade opens the interior retail, restaurant and court seating to the public. This visual connection to this interior supports the inner activity of dining and opens it up the the outside to provide a unique connection and hopefully comfort to the surroundings. The traditional hip or A frame roof is also flipped upside down, forming a butterfly roof.

Grover Cleveland Travel Plaza. Located off the NJ Turnpike exit 13E.

(picture coming soon)

Acello Apartments

(Mixed Use with Office)

This mixed use structure was a nice upgrade to the neighborhood with useful commercial space below, fitting into the urban fabric while adding apartments and density above.

Located in Urban NJ

Penthouse Addition + Remodel

This old downtown bank was repurposed and expanded with a new spire feature, penthouse and interior layout to support residential living. The original penthouse was envisioned to be a modern glazed top; however the final design embodied the more historical and blended look as if the penthouse was always there.

Located in Urban NJ