Net Zero Single Family Home

We designed, managed and 'swung hammers' on this job to delivery an off the grid home for a rural farm family in China. Learning the local building vernacular while dealing with the heat of the summer was quite the challenge, but well worth the experience. Seeing our drawn details and concepts come together was very rewarding and allowed us to fully understand the final product. It made me think, if you can't build actually build it can you deign it?

It took about a year to design, source and schedule to project.

When in construction my main tasks include installing and wiring 70 solar panels, rigid insulation, lifting structural members into level and plumb positions, laying wood decking, installing glass tile back splash and landscaping.

Single Family Renovation

I often feel working with an existing building can be the toughest. Its by no means a blank canvas. This project embodied a small set of upgrades with with new interior and exterior finish palette. We cut a few holes in the wall for a more open plan feel and to let the light flow in.

High Rise Residential

Putting together a big building is always a feat. Its really neat to be apart of such big projects and see all the hard, long and coordinated work come together. Some shop drawings take weeks to review; you want to get them right and you want to get them right the first time. Providing construction administration services for sizable projects is eye opening and thrilling. These projects do have that 'wonder of the world' feel to me.